Armed antifa group to hold “Revolutionary Tribunal” for Professor accused of sexual assault

Armed antifa group to hold “Revolutionary Tribunal” for Professor accused of sexual assault

Robert Reece is an assistant professor of sociology at the University of Texas at Austin who recently wrote an article for Vox in which he discussed the gray areas of sexual encounters. Shortly after this article was published one of Reece’s former partners, Jazmine M. Walker, a Washington D.C.-based reproductive rights activist, shared multiple tweets about her relationship with Reece alleging emotional abuse and even rape.

According to Reece’s bio, his scope of work looks fairly similar to many Professors in the social justice wing of academia; his listed public work includes topics like “Class Struggle is Race Struggle in U.S.”, “How My Social Justice Failed My Family.”, “Moving beyond metrics: a primer for hiring and promoting a diverse workforce in entomology and other natural sciences.”, etc.  Additionally he appears to have some affiliations with the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). He has contributed multiple articles for their Teaching Tolerance program and recently obtained an advisory board position at 500 Pens which is anti-hate social justice organization that lists the SPLC as it’s founding partner.

In the aftermath of these allegations, the far-left extremist group, Revolutionary Student Front has already declared him guilty and is now planning to hold a “People’s Trial” against him.

Not surprisingly, the image they chose to use for their corresponding Facebook event is an iconic image from the Chinese Cultural Revolution; a purge by the communist Dictator Mao Zedong in which millions of people were persecuted and suffered a wide range of abuses including public humiliation, arbitrary imprisonment, torture, hard labor, sustained harassment, seizure of property and even public execution.

So let’s unpack their blog post announcing this “People’s Trial”.

They begin by recapping the “success story” of their previous campaign in which they doxed, harassed, threatened, and encouraged people to kill another Professor who had been previously charged with domestic violence. After weeks of escalating their tactics this professor was found dead in his home most likely as a result of suicide.

“On March 26, shortly after his ex outed him as an abuser on social media, we began a campaign to raise students’ awareness of Reece’s crimes and begin to ramp up public pressure on him, following the same path we recently took in the campaign against now-deceased serial abuser Professor Richard Morrisett. Before the allegations of rape and abuse against him surfaced, Reece saw the campaign against his colleague Morrisett taken up. Morrisett was subjected to posters strewn across campus depicting his mugshot, crimes, phone number, and home address. These postings were followed several acts of propaganda actions naming him and warning him to leave campus as well as a protest outside of the building he worked at. This campaign crescendoed when anonymous students filled the Littlefield Fountain with red dye in the early hours of International Working Women’s Day, and cut off early when he was found dead in his home, by accident, nature, or most likely: his own doing.”

Here are pictures from their social media accounts detailing the escalation:

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They then make the claim that rape and abuse are the product of a “patriarchal capitalist disease” and can only be cured by “transforming an abusive man in power into a proletarian feminist” aka joining their Maoist cult. They then outline the steps of this Tribunal and transformation process that concluded with giving him two choices.

1. Join their Maoist cult
2. Have his career destroyed and personal safety jeaporadized

“The first step of this process will begin with a public People’s Trial on Thursday, May 3 at 6 PM to be held on the steps on the UT Tower overlooking the Main Mall. This trial will be a chance for the student body to formally pass its judgment on Reece’s actions and to unleash their full rage, confronting Reece with the pressure necessary to make him realize the gravity of his actions and the need for a change. The evidence of his crimes will be presented, deliberated by a jury of students, and the verdict will be rendered by a tribunal of women revolutionaries. Reece will be allowed the opportunity to decide if he will choose to undergo the process of transformation or instead choose to let his personal situation fall even further than it already has through a campaign that will aim to end his career at the University of Texas and any other universities permanently.”

And finally, they make it clear that should he not show, his absence will confirm his guilt and he will be targeted with harassment, threats, and violence:

“Regardless of whether or not he appears, the People’s Trial will be held, and his absence would be marked as the public admission of guilt and refusal to rectify. His refusal to appear only means offering the students an opportunity to meet and begin three months of plans to organize for the campaign to force him off of campus when he returns in the fall.”

Is Professor Reece guilty of the crimes which he as been accused? Perhaps, but that should be determined in a court of law. Far-left extremist groups like this view things like due process as legal impediments to their ability to re-educate or expel undesirables from their “utopian” society.

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