WaPo “fact checker” suggests violence against Trump supporters doesn’t exist

WaPo “fact checker” suggests violence against Trump supporters doesn’t exist

Targeted violence against Trump supporters and anyone who dares to publicly challenge far-left orthodoxy has been thoroughly documented and is rapidly escalating. This fact is indisputable, unless of course you are a “fact checker” for “authoritative” news outlets like The Washington Post.

The 2020 Trump Campaign recently launched a new sponsored Facebook ad campaign in which they accurately claim that the far-left is trying to silence his supporters with violence. As is often the case, left-wing activists and their allies in the media immediately began running their preferred method of defense for far-left violence; denial.

One of the first activists to take issue with these factual statements from the Trump campaign was Judd Legum, a Russia Truther who runs Popular.info.

His screenshot of the Trump Campaign Facebook ad received over 1,500 retweets and their are dozens of responses saying things like “I’ve seen no violence from the left.” and “Violence? What violence has been done?” Unfortunately, this abject rejection of reality wasn’t just limited to random Twitter users. Glenn Kessler, a “fact checker” at the Washington Post quote tweeted Ed saying “Violence?” The implication of course being that there is no violence coming from the left.

There are two possibilities to consider. Either Kessler has never seen the hundreds of articles, videos, police reports, etc. that detail far-left violence or he is deliberately trying to deceive his readers in order to advance an ideological position. I think it’s abundantly clear which of these possibilities is more likely.

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