Kansas City Antifa group brags about assaulting police officers

An antifa group in Kansas City called the Red Guards Kansas City recently published a report on their blog detailing their May Day 2018 activities. As was typical for many antifa groups who participated in May Day, this cell masked up and marched through the streets waving communist flags and carrying a large banner honoring the legacy of communist dictators who butchered tens of millions of people in the 20th century.


Three violent far-left groups that get a pass from the SPLC

If the SPLC's track record of clear ideological bias is any indication of how they will operate as a member of YouTube's Trusted Flagger program, then there is zero doubt they will abuse that role. If YouTube is serious about combating extremism on their platform and not just policing conservative voices they should follow the lead of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Defense and drop the SPLC.