Far-left militia leader, Rakem Balogun, arrested by FBI

The leader of a far-left militia group that has openly called for the "total overthrow of the Capitalist system by direct conflict" has been arrested.


UCF Antifa group says “death to the police” and “kill capitalists”

Leftist publications like Mic and Vox dismiss Antifa's obsession with militant communist insurrection as a "fabrication of the far-right" or as some type of "outlier bias", but as we have demonstrated in article after article after article after article; this is unequivocally false.

Armed Antifa group hosts “Our Enemies in Blue” anti-police workshop

The media has now dedicated dozen of articles to normalizing and justifying the violence from Antifa and the far left. They repeatedly tell us that Antifa and these far left groups are a response to neo-Nazis and white supremacy. Why do they exclude Antifa's militant opposition to capitalism? Why do they exclude Antifa's proclivity towards communism, a political ideology that is responsible for the death of 94 million people?