Left-Wing YouTuber: “I’ve moved full on to real violence”

Left-Wing YouTuber: “I’ve moved full on to real violence”

In the modern media ecosystem, the primary responsibility of dozens of full time “journalists” is to browse YouTube and other large social media platforms for “hate speech” and then proceed to get those people or their content removed.

A recent example was the Buzzfeed article about 14 year old YouTuber, Soph. Following their reporting and subsequent lobbying, YouTube issued a community guidelines strike to her channel and removed the video (mirrored here) in question. In another example, Buzzfeed dedicated the time of four reporters in an attempt to have Facebook remove a page with “far-right, anti-Muslim” content.

Buzzfeed dedicates four “Reporters” to deplatforming article

Oddly, Buzzfeed has committed zero resources to lobbying YouTube to remove the content of a popular left-wing YouTuber who has a consistent track record of openly advocating for violence against conservatives. Steven Bonnell, aka Destiny, is a popular content creator with 203K subscribers on YouTube and 422K subscribers on his Twitch account. His content is primarily gaming related but he also participates in political debates and is very outspoken about his proclivity towards political violence.

Earlier this year, another Youtuber published a video that chronicled many of Bonnell’s most inflammatory calls to violence against conservatives. In one example from a Twitch live-stream, Bonnell was asked if he really hated conservatives and his response was:

“I’ve moved full on to the real violence level when it comes to conservative people, yeah, I think they need to be excised from my fucking country, I think they are demonstrably fucking evil people.”

In this video, you also see screenshots of Bonnell making bomb threats on Twitter which resulted in him being banned.

Screenshot from YouTube Video

In another example, he discusses his regret for not following up on his threat to murder someone:

“That kid that I made those death threats to, I am personally ashamed that I didn’t follow up and actually find out where that kid lives and fucking murder him.”

As we have thoroughly demonstrated, there is no deficiency of violent content from left-wing individuals on social media. Unfortunately, large media institutions have become the enforcement arm of “hate speech” rules and regulations, and they appear to have no interest in policing the speech of the far-left.

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