UCF Antifa group says “death to the police” and “kill capitalists”

UCF Antifa group says “death to the police” and “kill capitalists”

In response to the election of Donald Trump, far-left student organizations have started to gain ground on campuses all across the country. The Young Democratic Socialists is one of the more organized groups claiming 20 chapters nationwide. Additionally there are dozens of socialist, communist, and “antifascist” groups with no national affiliation. This number is rapidly increasing but is still dwarfed by the more organized conservative and libertarian student groups like Turning Point USA and Young Americans for Liberty who claim 1000+ and 800+ chapters respectively.

While far-left groups have a comparatively smaller campus footprint they should not be dismissed. They benefit from a 12-1 advantage of professors who share their ideology and a student culture that is becoming increasingly intolerant to conservative ideas. The University of Central Florida has a small but very vocal student organization called the Knights for Socialism (KFS). They demonstrate the primary reason the far-left campus movement should not be dismissed; a proclivity towards political violence.

The Knights for Socialism is an Antifa group that recently made headlines for hosting a “Leftist Fight Club” in which they stated “This event is open to everyone and anyone, except Republicans” who would presumably be the targets of their newly acquired fighting skills. Even though this group self-labels as a socialist organization they are overt proponents of militant communism as made clear by their Twitter and Facebook feeds. They constantly share pro-communist images as well as news and videos form Latin american state run media outlet TeleSur and are even planning an event to commemorate the Russian Bolshevik Revolution in November.

They also openly call for “Death to the police”:


One of  their organizers who uses the Twitter handle @AesSocDesigns isn’t satisfied with with just calling for dead police officers. He want to “#KillCapitalists”:


As we previously reported, many militant communists in the antifa movement advocate for execution by way of the guillotine; this UCF antifa organizer is no different:


Leftist publications like Mic and Vox dismiss Antifa’s obsession with militant communist insurrection as a “fabrication of the far-right” or as some type of “outlier bias”, but as we have demonstrated in article after article after article after article; this is unequivocally false.

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