Twitter reactivates account for designated Foreign Terrorist Organization

Twitter reactivates account for designated Foreign Terrorist Organization

Last week we published a report detailing how the State Department designated Foreign Terrorist Organization, New People’s Army (NPA), had an official Twitter account and was using it to radicalize and recruit new members. Shortly after our report was published, people took action and reported this terrorist account to Twitter Support.

Within a day of our report being published and our readers taking action, the account was moved into a “temporarily restricted” state by Twitter.

We recently revisited their account to see if the Foreign Terrorist Organization had been permanently suspended only to discover that their temporary restriction had been lifted and that they are free to continue using Twitter to radicalize and recruit more terrorists.

What decision making framework does Twitter use when enforcing their Terms Of Service? How is it that conservative accounts can be temporarily locked or even suspended permanently for benign jokes but this State Department designated Foreign Terrorist Organization was reactivated? These are questions that Jack Dorsey should address publicly. Share this critical report and tag @Jack and @TwitterSupport and please report the newly reactivated account of this Communist terrorist organization here.

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