This UNC Professor is part of a far-left militia group

This UNC Professor is part of a far-left militia group

It appears Dwayne Dixon, the far-left militia member who teaches anthropology at the University of North Carolina, is in the news again. This time a video has surfaced in which he is seen telling his students that he confronted Charlottesville Unite The Right attendee, James Fields, with a loaded semi-automatic rifle, which some have speculated was the catalyst for James to speed through the crowd killing Heather Heyer.

Professor Dixon was recently featured in a story from from ABC Australia in which they profiled him as a leader in the militia group, Redneck Revolt. As we have previously reported, Redneck Revolt is a far-left militia group with over 30 branches nationwide and until recently they offered a downloadable 36 page guerrilla warfare manual on their website that included sections on kidnapping, sabotage, terrorism, and executions.


If you are a student or the parent of a student at the University of North Carolina and the presence of a professor who is part of a violent militia group makes you feel unsafe we encourage you to express your concerns to the University of North Carolina. You can submit a formal complaint or contact dean Kevin Guskiewics directly at or 919.962.3082.

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  • George Costanza

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    Which one of those libtard posers in the pic is the “professor” ?

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