Take action against far left website, ItsGoingDown.Org

Take action against far left website, ItsGoingDown.Org

Since the election of Donald Trump we have witnessed a massive surge in far-left political violence. Groups like Antifa and other self described “anarchists” have recently made the news for destroying millions of dollars worth of property, violently assaulting people with a deadly weapon, and even stabbing a police horse.

While it is accurate to describe Antifa and other affiliated groups as a loosely connected network of far left extremists, it is important to spotlight one of their key organizing platforms; itsgoingdown.org.

It’s Going Down is a self described “digital community center from anarchist, anti-fascist, autonomous anti-capitalist and anti-colonial movements. Our mission is to provide a resilient platform to publicize and promote revolutionary theory and action.” And when they say “publicize and promote revolutionary theory and action”, they mean it. A search for “sabotage” on their website will yield 19 pages of results:


For now, I want to spotlight three specific examples:

1. The Deliberate Sabotage of Transportation Infrastructure


That’s right, It’s Going Down published an article where far left extremists take credit for pouring concrete on train tracks. They even included a link to an instructional video so that other extremists could replicate this criminal activity in their own cities.

2. The Deliberate Sabotage of Communication Infrastructure

antifa internet sabotage 1

Here, It’s Going Down published an article where far left extremists take credit for snipping fiber optic cables in order to disrupt internet, mobile phone, and 911 services for tens of thousands of people. (they recently updated this article since it started to get mainstream attention)

3. The Deliberate Act of Anti-Gentrification Arson


Here, It’s Going Down published an article where far left extremists slashed tires, cut fuel lines, and burned a truck. They then go on to claim that this was done “in solidarity with rebels fighting the police”.  This third example is especially relevant considering the recent Anti-Gentrification vandalism in Berekely and the three acts of Arson in Oakland and Emeryville, CA.

This is just a fraction of the coordinated political violence of the far left. Websites like Its Going Down are one of many that are used to recruit, radicalize, and mobilize far left extremists.  Many steps will need to be taken to expose and combat the far left but a very tangible victory is within reach. It’s Going Down currently has a Patreon fundraising account that generates over $1,000 a month in funds. If you are interested in eliminating this particular revenue stream I ask you to join our campaign to #DefundAntifa.



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