Pro-Antifa professor from John Jay College tweets “Off the pigs”

Pro-Antifa professor from John Jay College tweets “Off the pigs”

On Thursday, September 14th, we published a story that profiled John Jay College Professor and Antifa leader, Mike Isaacson. In this story we included multiple incendiary tweets in which he advocated for “dead cops” and claimed that political violence was necessary against people who oppose communism. Once this story began receiving significant media coverage we launched a #FireMike Campaign and encouraged concerned citizens to contact the John Jay College administration and make sure their voices were heard.

After receiving pressure from our campaign, the NYC Police Union, and even NYC Mayor, Bill de Blasio, the John Jay College President, Karol Mason, issued a statement regarding the conduct of Professor Mike Isaacson in which she said:

“The safety of our students, faculty and staff is our top priority. Today, members of the John Jay faculty received threats, and our students expressed concerns for their safety in the classroom. Out of concern for the safety of our students, faculty and staff, we are immediately placing the adjunct on administrative leave as we continue to review this matter.”

Throughout this review process we have maintained pressure on the administration and encouraged people to contact President Mason directly.

Now, new tweets from Professor Isaacson have surfaced that demonstrate a disturbing trend towards violence against the law enforcement community.

Assata Shakur was found guilty for the execution-style murder of a New Jersey State Trooper in 1973. Professor Isaacson thinks that was a good thing.

In response to the actions by Trump’s Department of Justice, Professor Issacson said to “Off the pigs”. Not “screw the pigs” or even “to hell with the pigs”, but “off” or “murder the pigs”.

He has even offered instructions on how to burn down police stations.

In addition to these tweets there are a few that appear to have been deleted.


So how do we get John Jay College to take appropriate action and terminate Professor Isaacson? This is where you come in. Please take five minutes out of your day to contact representatives from the following organizations and make sure they know about these tweets. Feel free to include a link to this article.

Fraternal Order of Police

Fraternal Order of Police National Headquarters
701 Marriott Drive
Nashville TN 37214
Phone: (615) 399.0900
Twitter: @GLFOP

New York City Patrolman’s Benevolent Association

Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association
125 Broad Street, 11th Fl.
New York, NY 10004-2400
Phone:  (212) 298-9100

President: Patrick Lynch;

Twitter : @NYCPBA


New York City Seargants Benevolent Association

Sergeants Benevolent Association
35 Worth Street
New York, NY 10013
Phone: (212) 226-2180

President: Ed Mullins;

Twitter: @SBANYPD


Law Enforcement Officers Security Unions (LEOSU)

Phone: (212) 457-1010


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