NYC Antifa group hosts pro-terrorism documentary screening

NYC Antifa group hosts pro-terrorism documentary screening

Antifa groups are not shy about their support for terrorism. They openly engage in targeted, premeditated, political violence; and in many cases do so with the full support of the media. Within the larger “antifa” umbrella there are multiple cells with different names, organizational structures, and stated goals; ex. “Anti-Racist Action, Redneck Revolt, Red Guards, etc. One particular group that we have reported on in depth is the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement (RAM)This organization, which is heavily armed and currently has at least four active cells, is even more militant than your run-of-the-mill antifa group. They have hosted “Our Enemies in Blue” anti-police workshops, coordinated a national “Destroy Columbus Day” event, and openly supported international communist militia groups.

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This Saturday, the far-left extremist group will be hosting a documentary screening titled “We Need to Take Guns” which details the work of the International Freedom Battalion (IFB) and discusses strategy and tactics for “revolutionary internationalism”. In the trailer for this documentary; armed, masked communist fighters encourage people to “build self-defense organizations” and say that “whether it is here today in Rojava against the fascists, or in factories in France against the bosses we encourage everyone to organize and we know that one day or another, we will defeat them”.

The International Freedom Battalion is a coalition of mostly Marxist-Leninist, communist militia groups fighting in Syria. To their credit, they are actively fighting the Islamic Supremacists of ISIS but that does not negate the fact that they wish to replace one murderous, authoritarian ideology with another.

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With each passing month the violent rhetoric and actions from the far-left becomes more extreme. These armed antifa cells have escalated from simply offering verbal support and solidarity with these international terrorist groups to actively learning how to apply those same terrorist strategies domestically.

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