Controversial John Jay College Prof. tweeted about assassinating Trump

Controversial John Jay College Prof. tweeted about assassinating Trump

For the last few weeks we have been closely reporting on Mike Isaacson, the controversial Anitfa leader who teaches at John Jay College. In spite of backlash from elected officials, several law enforcement unions, and the public at large; he is still on paid administrative leave.  Here are some newly surfaced tweets from Professor Issacson.

Here, he appears to encourage people to throw molotov cocktails at police officers.

Here he encourages people to  burn down their precincts, but specifically during business hours.

He’s also made sure to let people know that gasoline or other accelerants will help.

And just one day after the July 7th 2016 murder of 5 police officers in Dallas he said “Off the pigs”.

And then just over a week later he asked for “more dead pigs”.

Here are some more examples of this John Jay College professor calling for large groups of people to be killed.



All white people born before 1962

Straight people:

Most alarmingly is his apparent desire to see harm inflicted on the President of the United States

In April of last year he outlined his preference for hanging fascists “by their toes and taking turns beating their lifeless bodies”.

This year, he wrote this little poem about Donald Trump in which he says “he will hang by his toes”.

Prior to Trump’s election he appeared to encourage people to throw molotov cocktails at the white house.

He also tweeted about the assassination of Mike Pence and Donald Trump.

Taken individually it would be easy to dismiss one of these tweets as a “joke” or being “taken out of context” but Professor Isaacson has demonstrated a pattern of advocating for political violence and this type of behavior should not be tolerated from any educator. Please take a moment to contact the John Jay College President, Karol Mason, and demand she #FireMike.

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