Is the media dog-whistling to the Alt-Left?

Is the media dog-whistling to the Alt-Left?

A “No to Marxism in America” rally that was planned for Sunday, August 27th has now been cancelled. This was largely due to threats of physical violence from far left Antifa activists. The event organizer, Amber Cummings, said this in a letter to the San Francisco Chronicle:

“In light of all the violent threats taking place and the past history of police being ordered to stand down at Prior Rallies in Berkeley this gives me grave concerns for the safety of the people attending my event,” 

As we previously reported, Amber went out of her way to disavow racist groups and make it absolutely clear that the primary focus of the event was to highlight the expansion of Marxist and communist movements at Berkeley. In spite of her attempts to clarify this and mitigate any violence, several local and national media outlets falsely claimed it was an “alt-right rally“, a “far-right rally“, and even a “white nationalist rally.” Even the Berkeley Mayor, Jesse Arrequin, labeled this event a “white nationalist rally“.


How did so many media outlets as well as the Mayor get this wrong? Why, even after Amber did an interview with NBC clarifying the intention of the rally, did they continue to repeat these false claims? Simple, this is the evolution of activist media. For weeks, many media outlets have been shamelessly attempting to normalize and justify violence from Antifa and the Alt-Left.


And now we see media outlets distorting reality to the point that an army of militant leftists were made to believe anti-Marxism protesters are “far-right, alt-right, white nationalists”. The media’s deliberate misrepresentation of the “No to Marxism in America” rally jeopardized the safety and well being of the organizer and the hundreds of people who publicly said they were attending. This is extremely dangerous, completely unethical, and an utter failure of journalistic integrity.

Is the media dog-whistling to the Alt-Left? Absolutely. And if we do not hold them accountable we will undoubtedly see more political violence.

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