Multiple Democratic Socialists of America leaders endorse Communism

Multiple Democratic Socialists of America leaders endorse Communism

The Democratic Socialists of America recently got a major boost when one of their endorsed candidates, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, beat out incumbent Democrat Rep. Joe Crowley in a primary last Tuesday for New York’s 14th Congressional District.

This far-left political organization previously made headlines when leadership from their Iowa State campus chapter encouraged people to shoot president Trump and when leadership from their University of Georgia Chapter called for the execution of house GOP members. Now multiple DSA leaders are publicly endorsing communism, an ideology responsible or the oppression, incarceration, and murder of tens of millions of people.

Here is the original tweet from Olivia Katbi Smith, who is the co-Chair of the Portland DSA chapter:

Shortly after, other DSA leaders weighed in with their endorsement of communism.

The Charlottesville DSA co-chair:

The Hudson County DSA co-chair:

The Seattle DSA co-chair:

An Officer for the Queens DSA chapter:

Since her win, legacy media has rolled out the red carpet for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and for “democratic socialism”. She has done interview after interview after interview and appears to be starting her “late night comedy” circuit but for some reason, her affiliation with an organization whose members have openly called for the murder of their political opposition and who are now endorsing a violent authoritarian ideology has not been brought into question. Why is that? Could you imagine a Republican winning a primary and being endorsed by an organization whose members advocated for the murder of Democrats and whose leadership said “Nazism is good”? How differently would that play out?

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  • Cooper A-J

    By Cooper A-J


    *helicopters whir in the distance*

  • grimhold1

    By grimhold1


    Are all these folks really this STUPID? Letting everyone see how STUPID they really are by posting such shit!!!

  • you fuckin nerds

    By you fuckin nerds


    lol you fuckin nerds

  • Ventura Capitalist

    By Ventura Capitalist


    News flash:
    Adding “democrat” to your name is not helping you.

  • Julie Salzmann

    By Julie Salzmann


    These Dem’s are off their rockers or doing drugs, kick them out of office because these kind of views we don’t need or want and lock up waters for treasonous acts against OUR President Trump ASAP…..

  • Donald Grimm

    By Donald Grimm


    What a bunch of morons!

  • Michael

    By Michael


    Exactly.. If Republican(s) said anything like that, the media would figuratively burn them at the stake. However, in the spirit of nit-picking, the authors choice of words saying if a Republican said “Nazism is good..,” isn’t quite a good comparison. While Nazism, (National socialist party) encouraged, demanded, or resulted in extreme nationalism, it is still socialism. So as far as the typical labeling of the far left as communists/socialists, (and the far right as Nazi’s) Nazism/fascism should be at the same end of spectrum as socialism/communism.

  • Marvin Mathiak

    By Marvin Mathiak


    Socialism is an autocratic political/economic system in which a powerful government owns or dictates how means of production are employed. The people’s standard of living and options for work, food, housing, medical care, etc. are strictly controlled to achieve political goals. Power is held by few elites who live very, very well at the expense of and compared to the people. The elites jealously guard their power and privileges.

    There are two primary types of socialism: Communism and fascism. Under communism the state owns the means of production while under fascism, private ownership is allowed but strictly controlled by the government. This is sometimes euphemistically referred to as a partnership between companies and government.
    Classic examples of relatively pure communism are the former Soviet Union, the People’s Socialist Republic of Albania, and Cuba today. Classic examples of fascist regimes were the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (NAZIs in Germany), National Fascist Party (in Italy). Communists and fascists are fierce competitors and sometimes clash violently as in the Spanish Civil War. European socialism is a mix of capitalism and socialism, subsidized by America.

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