Armed antifa group celebrates terrorist who assassinated U.S. President

Armed antifa group celebrates terrorist who assassinated U.S. President

An armed far-left extremist group that actively recruits on Twitter and Facebook recently celebrated a convicted terrorist who assassinated a sitting U.S. President. This group, The Base, is a self described “revolutionary anarchist center committed to the spreading of anarchist ideas and organizing”. This far-left extremist group has almost eight thousand Twitter followers and almost ten thousand Facebook followers and they use these platforms to radicalize, recruit, and mobilize other extremists.

We have previously reported on The Base and their overlap with the the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement (RAM). RAM is another violent, far-left extremist group that actively uses their social media accounts to organize illegal activities like the destruction and defacing of statues and the screening of pro-terrorism documentaries. They also openly state on their website that “to begin the revolutionary process, goods, land, and tools must be expropriated, or taken away from those who withhold them”.

Here is the tweet from The Base in which they celebrate Leon Czolgosz for assassinating President William McKinley:

The “#IGD” in this tweet stands for It’s Going Down, which is a prominent antifa website that we have covered extensively. This website is a central news and organizing hub for antifa and other far-left extremist groups. They openly advocate for the execution of President Trump, they openly advocate for violence against his supporters, and they even openly praise convicted terrorists bombers. They do this all on their Twitter account which has almost forty thousand followers and their Facebook account which has over twenty-five thousand followers, and they do it without consequence. While large tech companies collude to silence right-of-center influencers, far-left extremist groups like this are free to violate their TOS and instruct their followers to engage in violence.

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  • Stephen

    By Stephen


    Al-Qaida means The Base
    Best regards

  • Rick Hess

    By Rick Hess


    Ya’ll really are a bunch of worthless assholes ain’t cha? Assassinate the President? Visit violence against those of us who support him? Be violent if you think you must, but at some point, be prepared for backlash you’ve not contemplated. Bless your hearts.

  • Da RueStir

    By Da RueStir


    These Communist POS believe that the 6 to 8 thousand of them are going to overthrow the U.S. Government and install a communist government.
    I believe many of these terrorist (the lucky ones) will end up in prison, the rest will get shot by Devout Constitutionalist like me.

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