Armed Antifa group calls for “revolutionary resistance” against Trump

Armed Antifa group calls for “revolutionary resistance” against Trump

The “Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement (RAM)” is a militant far-left extremist movement that claims to have six active cells across the U.S. This group openly supports foreign Communist soldiers like the IRPGF and others, and routinely organizes domestic criminal activity using their Facebook and Twitter accounts. They have coordinated campaigns to destroy Christopher Columbus statues and even bragged about their “success” on their social media platforms, they have encouraged their Facebook followers to burn down luxury housing developments, and they do all of this without any consequences from the big tech companies or the law enforcement community

Now, they are escalating their rhetoric and have called for “revolutionary resistance” against Donald Trump. In a recent declaration that explicitly called for “revolutionary resistance”:

“We believe that only popular self-organization, internationalist struggle, and revolutionary resistance against reactionary governments can defeat neofascism and imperialism.”

Screenshot from R.A.M. Facebook page

In a vacuum, this might appear to be an empty threat, but this extremist group’s social media footprint is littered with images and posts that glorify armed struggle and openly advocate for physical confrontation with people they believe to be “fascists”.

Screenshot from R.A.M. Facebook page

While Facebook bans “dangerous individuals” like Milo Yiannopoulous, Laura Loomer, and Paul Joseph Watson, and lists people like Candace Owens as “hate agents”; this armed extremist group is free to openly coordinate offline violence on their platform. This is just one more example of a larger pattern of Facebook’s asymmetrical enforcement of their Terms of Service.

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  • Cc

    By Cc


    Nice, We finally have something to shoot at other than a paper target.

  • LaRock

    By LaRock


    Come on out of your safe cities so we can take care of you proper.

    • catsmeow

      By catsmeow


      I would like to see this bunch of masked cowards show up in Texas – especially rural Texas. It will be a different take on the last picture show.

  • Billy Ray Whitfield

    By Billy Ray Whitfield


    Come to Oklahoma and see what we do to Antifa Homos here! To us, you are the same as a Feral Pig and we can hunt you 24/7!

  • Ken Anderson

    By Ken Anderson


    This violent arm of the democrat party needs to be outlawed. This is the new KKK. Biden called for a “physical revolution”. Notice how Hussein has not condemned their violence with his,
    “This is not America” speech.

  • Your Daddy

    By Your Daddy



  • james

    By james


    ANTIFA – the Brown shirt Nazi’s for the Democrats ! Not in my country cowards see how you’ll be hunted down once you begin to shoot Americans ……………….

    • Fred V Squillante

      By Fred V Squillante


      Couldn’t agree more with the above comments. These thugs are the new KKK, only they aren’t harming blacks; they are going after those who they deem to be fascists – and that means conservatives, Republicans, Christians, Trump supporters, those who Hildebeast called deplorables, and all who think America was a great country which is now being taken over by the left.

  • RonH

    By RonH


    Those are the crazy b@stards that should be disarmed, the clowns might hurt themselves.

  • Mark Hopkins

    By Mark Hopkins


    So the neo fascist imperialists anti-faggots are calling for armed “resistance”. Well good. I hope the anti-faggots show up in my state. Good moving target practice for all real Americans. Two questions I have: Why is Trump allowing this neo Nazi B.S. to go on with no federal government response? Do we have any real Constitutionalist conservatives in our government anymore? It seems to me like both sides are running as fast as they can to totalitarian communism. Arm up, the shit’s getting real.

  • D. Dodgen

    By D. Dodgen


    Funny how they primarily stay in their west (& east) coast “safety zones” to make their threats. Let’s see those masked faces, stick toting, vagina wearing p***y’s here in the fly-over states of the BACKBONE of America, and see how well they compare to our small town folk. They ain’t got a chance.

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