Armed Antifa communists rally in Kansas City

Armed Antifa communists rally in Kansas City

On Saturday, September 9th Antifa activists from the far-left, communist groups Kansas City Revolutionary Collective, Serve The People, and Progressive Youth Organization rallied in Washington Square Park in order to protest the grassroots national security organization,  ACT For America. In addition to bringing Antifa and communist signs and flags they were also equipped with a variety of weapons including semi-automatic rifles.


Like other far-left Antifa groups we have reported on, the Kansas City Revolutionary Collective  is a self described Marxist-Leninist-Maoist collective. In a blog post titled Discard the Phony Resistance, Build Up the Militant Resistance to Fascism they state that “we must pick up and familiarize our selves with the gun” and that “every protest should be viewed as a school of war”:

“If we wish to protect ourselves, our class, and defeat the horrors of organized fascism then we must pick up and familiarize ourselves with the gun. Every protest should be viewed as a school of war, and every war requires disciplined self-defense without exception. We mean to make war on capitalism, imperialism, and fascism. We learn war through making it, just as we learn the gun by picking it up. Practice has served as our greatest teacher, and will continue to do so. We see no greater service to the People than by propagating, strengthening, and broadening self-defense programs and training, both armed and unarmed, to stave off fascist terror. We will not fail in our task.”

As we have continued to point out, the long term objective of the Antifa movement is to replace our western capitalist democracy with an authoritarian communist ideology. And they are willing to do that by any means necessary.

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