Antifa podcast host discusses “easily concealable” guns and “assassination”

Antifa podcast host discusses “easily concealable” guns and “assassination”

The co-host of the far-left podcast, The Guillotine, recently took to Twitter to brainstorm with his 5K+ followers about the best way to organize an armed insurrection. “Dr. Bones” (@Ole_Bonsey) asked “Hey quick little question for military minded lefties: should leftists train/organize in a “insurgent” focus where they blend into a civilian population for potential attacks or a more “militia” structure focused on holding/maintaining turf?”

The Guillotine covers “global current events from a revolutionary anarchist and communist perspective”. They have a large social media footprint for a relatively new podcast. They currently have over 5k Twitter followers, over 14K Facebook followers and 250 active monthly donors on their Patreon account.The two co-hosts, @Ole_Bonsey and @DeadIrishRebel self identify as an “egoist-Communist” and “Marxist” respectively and based on the activity on their social media accounts they appear to be supporters of mass murdering Communist dictators and “revolutionaries” like Mao Zedong and Che Guevera.

They also appear to see no distinction between “Nazis” and people who simply support President Trump or support the police:

Finally, here is the full thread (archived thread) in which this extremist leverages his followers to fine tune the best strategy for a violent armed insurrection. At one point he asked if “ambushes” and “assassinations” would be more effective in southern states. He also suggest using “easily concealable [weapons] platforms” so as not to “tip anyone off”.

Twitter thread from host of “The Guillotine” Podcast


Some of his extremist followers weighed in on the importance of communication, “Having a common language and tactics is unbelievably important in future situations where your 5 person cell has an opportunity for a big kill

This Tweet was deleted shortly after our report was published


Another one of his followers, @JackHerer20, weighed in on the importance of being able to blend in with the population and only attacking in battles you can win. We actually profiled this Twitter user previously when he encouraged his followers to dox GOP officials and show up at their homes and also offered to pay someone to assassinate President Trump.

This Tweet was also deleted shortly after our report was published


While the content of this thread does not appear to break the law, keep in mind that far-left extremist groups like antifa and others have been actively engaging in criminal activity and political violence for years now. This thread from the co-host of one of their more popular podcasts is a good indication of exactly how militant these groups are becoming.

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  • Chas

    By Chas


    It would seem to me that these asshats could be tracked down and executed if anyone gave a fuck or considered them a threat…..

  • TDG

    By TDG


    Keep yer powder dry and keep training. Be ready for an out of the blue cell member. Hunting season might have to begin before the end of the year.

  • I kill communists

    By I kill communists


    These idiots have zero chance in hell of organizing anything close to resembling a threat. For those of us that were involved in fighting these insurgents in other parts of the world have to realize there are very effective ways to counter their threat. The military has been fighting against insurgents for over 15 years

    • Jerzy

      By Jerzy


      I really wish I had someone as trained as you nearby. Living by myself with no protection in the middle of the pine lands on NJ, this has literally scared me to death. They are crazy! I had even sent this to the FBI stating that this has created my PTSD anxiety and panic disorder to go through the roof. I tod them ever since I registered Republican for Trump’s prilimary vote there have been obvious retaliations to me within the system. Therefore, these maniacs would easily be able to get my Republican status. Like I said, I wish I had a neighbor like you. Thank you for your service.

      • Jerzy

        By Jerzy


        Sorry about typos, I’m literally shaking right now. Primaries , not primilary, plus a few more.

    • American_Infidel2017

      By American_Infidel2017


      They act like this is studying for an exam. Let them try (especially in the South) and we’ll hunt them down and ship their body parts to their relatives all over the country.

  • Benjamin T Baker

    By Benjamin T Baker


    Either a honeytrap, or just laughable. Nobody organizes an insurgency on fucking TWITTER. (Rolls eyes.)

  • Tim P Kelly

    By Tim P Kelly


    bunch of pussy wanna bes. bring it punks

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  • Capt18A

    By Capt18A


    I find it funny that twitter claims that they are trying to regulate civility but allow for this kind of posting to continue.

    • Bobby Townsend

      By Bobby Townsend


      Capt18A I was thinking the same thing although, I think it would be best to let them post just to keep people aware there are some real wack jobs out there.

  • Last Paratrooper

    By Last Paratrooper



  • Rich7553

    By Rich7553


    I, along with 20 million trained military veterans, will be happy to drop you quicker than third period French class. You can take that to the bank. This isn’t a video game, kiddies.

    • Michael

      By Michael


      That’s what I was thinking.

  • David

    By David


    Everyone needs to see the movie “Death of a Nation”. Get the DVD if it is no longer in a nearby movie house.

    It shows the Antifa for what they really are. THEY are the fascist.

    • Sean

      By Sean


      I get what you mean, they are Authoritarian. But Antifa are the same communists they have always been since they were formed in the early 1930’s in Germany and Italy, you should search it. (This is in no way an endorsement, just dispelling some circulating misconceptions) Fascism and Communism are both authoritarian but besides that they are pretty much the opposite of each other in every other department. Most notably Communism seeks to dissolve nation states and Hierarchy whereas Fascism seeks to rigidly uphold such things.
      Funnily enough, Fascism was partly a reactionary movement intended to stop the rise of Communism; this why communists are always accusing people of being Fascist.

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  • Vickie

    By Vickie


    Did they just mention the south and how they are out gunned. They might need to be warned that we have ALWAYS been armed. Use a weapon as an extention of our arm. Surrounded by terrain that has never seen a human footprint. And lots of people raise hogs that arent selective in what they eat. It wont be our problem if they wander into someones lot

  • Becca

    By Becca


    These little chicken chits with their faces and heads covered up!!!!!! Yea, that’s what real men do! lmao… Go to your parents basements!!

    • jessie phillips

      By jessie phillips


      someone needs to tell these little bytches, that this isn’t call to duty, or some other video game, there are no do overs and the weapons are real, something tells me, that when they see the first ones heads blown open like a ripe watermelon, the rest will throw down their guns and run home to mamas basement

  • Eric Wilks

    By Eric Wilks


    Please, please, please… Come for us, we are waiting for you.

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  • Jeff Miller

    By Jeff Miller


    Hope they come to North Idaho. We’re anxiously waiting. Need something to do between hunting seasons.

  • Tiny Raisin

    By Tiny Raisin


    It seems to me that this may have been created by the same Natzis that are controlling big farm in the first place. Could it be that they have their fingers in the amazing cures in some way? I think yes!!! God bless America it’s such a blessing to see so many opening up to the corruption. Drain the swamp…

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