Antifa group organizes for “revolutionary violence against the local government”

Antifa group organizes for “revolutionary violence against the local government”

The militant rhetoric from the far-left is escalating at a dramatic pace. Calls for violence against Trump supporters have now turned into calls for attacks on government facilities and agencies. Serve The People – LA, a violent Marxist group that has doxed and threatened people in their community for supporting Immigration and Customer Enforcement (ICE) is now using their Twitter and Facebook accounts to organize for “revolutionary violence against the local government”.

In a blog post they recently published and shared with their three thousand Facebook followers and fourteen-hundred Twitter followers they reference their desire for “violence” numerous times:

These statements violate both Twitter and Facebook’s Terms of Service, but as we have demonstrated over and over and over again, these rules do not apply to the far-left. Here are just a few of the more alarming statements included in their blog post.

They are preparing to use violence against ICE agents:

Our ultimate goal is to make ICE feel more terrified than they make undocumented immigrants feel. We want to terrorize them to the point that they refuse to enter foot in our neighborhoods and communities because they know they will be in danger. When we say we want to fight ICE with fire, we mean fire.

They seek to abolish the Unites States as a whole:

We do not merely seek to “ABOLISH ICE” because we know ICE will spring up again, re-branded and repackaged as capitalism does so well. We seek, instead, to ABOLISH THE US.

They are indoctrinating children with their extremist belief system:

Children played a much larger role in the protest than we had ever thought they would. They were incredibly enthusiastic and excited about everything. They covered their faces with bandannas, held signs for us, chanted along with us, kicked and beat our Trump piñata, took the streets and faced down the pigs with just as much courage as their parents…

But how much more could this rebellion have intensified if the children were really aware of what was going on? If they had even a rudimentary political education about capitalism and oppression? The oppressed youth have always been the most rebellious and forward-thinking. It is our job to nurture this as much as we can, to empower the children, and teach them to be courageous leaders.

They are actively organizing their community to engage in “revolutionary violence”:

The street vendors that showed up in solidarity with Gladis were among the most militant of the protesters. They led their own chants against the pigs and ICE, eagerly took up road flares as we passed them out, holding them high and defiantly in the face of the pigs, and called for revolutionary violence against local government. This call for revolutionary violence was one of the high points of the march.

With the information we have provided as well as our previous reports there should be zero doubt that Serve The People – LA constitutes a legitimate security concern not only to the citizens of Los Angeles but to the general public as well. Considering that just over a year ago a far-left extremist opened fire on a GOP Congressional baseball practice game, I sincerely hope our reporting results in an investigation by the authorities. Here is how you can take just a few minutes and help us make sure that happens:

Action Plan:

  1. Submit a tip to the FBI. Make sure to include this archived version of the document outlined above as well as the link to our full report.
  2. Call the FBI’s Los Angeles field office at (310) 477-6565 and make sure they know there is an LA based extremist group openly advocating for political violence.
  3. Share this article and tag @FBILosAngeles and @ICEGov


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  • Leo Smith

    By Leo Smith


    ANTIFA Terrorists need to be Shot on sight.

  • Kid

    By Kid


    ICE should take these threats seriously and shoot to kill when presented with the opportunity.

  • Jay

    By Jay


    Antifa is a buncha candy asses, let me tell you if it came down to it and it was us vs them they wouldnt last a ahlf hour we would be stacking their dumb ass bodies like cord wood

  • Richard Daugherty

    By Richard Daugherty


    Antifa is a George Soros bought and paid for nothing burger. BLM as well. Go rage at the sky already!!

  • David Johnson

    By David Johnson


    They probably are all funded by the local government. Actually, not probably, I can guarantee that they are receiving taxpayer funds to do this and have the full sanction and support of local officials.

  • Vash the Stampede

    By Vash the Stampede


    Didn’t the Dept. of Homeland Security declare them a domestic terrorist organization already?

    If you see these people committing a terrorist act, respond accordingly folks! Above all, stay safe, stay ARMED & keep your head on a swivel!

  • Hingie

    By Hingie


    Mask wearers who terrorize will DIE on site

  • james

    By james


    ANTIFA is what happens when a daddy breastfeeds their child until age 16.

  • Marie Basile

    By Marie Basile


    When Antifa go to jail and meet the White Pride soldiers there waiting all across the United States and aboroad… thats what makes me smile

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