Antifa group calls for Trump’s head with “Make the Guillotine Red Again” posters

Antifa group calls for Trump’s head with “Make the Guillotine Red Again” posters

It was recently brought to our attention via an anonymous tip that the prominent antifa website, It’s Going Down, began immediately advocating for the death of President Trump just days after he was elected. We’ve previously reported on this same site offering recruiting materials that depict Trump supporters being bayoneted, providing instructions on how to sabotage critical transportation infrastructure, and sharing recruiting videos from violent communist militia groups.

This new discovery shows that they have been advocating for physical violence against President Trump for much longer than previously thought. On November 13th, just days after Donald Trump was elected, It’s Going Down began promoting a downloadable anti-Trump poster that says “Make The Guillotine Red Again” and depicts President Trump under the blade of a guillotine.

This theme of wishing to publicly execute ideological opponents borrows from the French Revolution and is alarmingly prevalent in far-left, communist circles.

This theme is also mainstreamed by people like Huffington Post contributor, Jesse Benn who has this as his pinned tweet.

Proponents of antifa and the hard left will no doubt claim that this type of violence is only directed at “fascists” but keep in mind that antifa leader and John Jay College professor, Mike Isaacson, believes that “anti-communism is code for fascism”.

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  • Carol

    By Carol


    I almost didn’t read much further than the minimal 1st page of the fb post because I didn’t realize y’all were against what the left is doing.

  • JD Ralph

    By JD Ralph


    ITs time to shut the Fascist antifa shit down! They are way over the line and enemy of real Americans.

  • Julia

    By Julia


    Ask yourselves anti Trump supporters is this what you really want to support in America think long and hard liberals.Because this is what you are standing by right now by not supporting your President and country.

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