Antifa group calls for a “sea of armed masses” to stop ICE

Antifa group calls for a “sea of armed masses” to stop ICE

The Los Angeles antifa group, Serve The People, recently organized and anti-ICE demonstration where they called for a “sea of armed masses” to take power. This Marxist extremist group doxed and threatened an LA resident for supporting ICE earlier this year and like many on the far-left, they have been continuously escalating their violent tactics and rhetoric.

A report put out by the far-left blog, Incendiary News Service, provides a clear picture of what happened at this anti-ICE event:

The organizers photographed someone with the intent to circulate her picture and dox her (as they have done previously):

As protestors swarmed around the truck, a white lady inside laughed and taunted them. She laughed, it appeared, out of nervousness – perhaps forgetting that her picture had been taken and would subsequently be circulated online, and with only a question of time her real identity would be made public.

They then made it clear they are interested in “revolutionary vengeance”:

STPLA says the masses want revolutionary vengeance, and it appears to be true especially in the deepest and most profound section of the masses, in the scapegoated and attacked undocumented immigrant neighborhoods who now speak more openly about arming themselves and defending their families and way of life at all costs.

And finally, they called for an armed insurrection:

STPLA and their supporters are bold and honest enough to say that rallies or even militant and illegal protests alone won’t do anything. What is needed, they say, is a “sea of armed masses” organized to defend ourselves but most importantly organized to take power.

Profile picture from Serve The People’s Facebook page


Emboldened by the gas-lighting of ICE detention stories and the growth of Democratic support of their cause, far-left extremists appear to be stepping up their confrontational and violent activities. If they follow through with their promise to “take power” and violently shut down their opposition we will know exactly who to blame.

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  • ronnyc

    By ronnyc


    Wow! Do they not understand how Donald Trump was elected against all of the poles that put Hillary ahead of him by 10+ points? This is a game they will regret playing. They are setting themselves against the very power who put Trump in the White House and who will again go to the voting booth in November. Like that evening, they will loose, but this is their life this time, not an election. The Government has trained military men. They are just a bunch of boastful Losers. Do they not understand that they have been infiltrated by military men and the government knows their every plan. Do I care that they will be decimated, should they attempt to pull this off. Not really. I see it as another piece of proof that they need to be eliminated. They are a cancer in the fabric of society that needs to be cut out.

  • johnny b

    By johnny b


    When can we start wasting these fucksticks ? the gene pool needs some cleansing

    • Amennnnnn!!!

      By Amennnnnn!!!



    • Geoff

      By Geoff


      clubbing these pussies like baby seals is too good for em … but sin e they are asking for it … so be it!

    • GJean

      By GJean


      Bunch of commies

  • JImmy the Toucan

    By JImmy the Toucan


    The coming War will be started by the commies and ended by Patriots. Much blood will be spilled, but with God’s hand and conviction in Our hearts will we save freedom for the Young and unborn. God bless America and her People, God give us strength in the current war being waged and keep us upright in what we do.

  • Simplynotred

    By Simplynotred


    REALLY. OK Terrorist or Full Army.

    If Terrorist: Then every American with weapons will come after you.

    If Army: Your Toast!

    If Bluffing: Your a bunch of Babies Screaming for a New Diaper. Because YOU STINK!

    If you want to take back your Threat. I suggest you DO IT NOW!

  • Tod Bartels

    By Tod Bartels


    FYI to these poor ignorant ( useful idiots ” Vladimir Lenin’s words not mine ) 1 just picking up a firearm and body armor and a bad attitude will not save you, the definition of treason in the US Constitution is ( to wage war on the USA , the Constitution , or to give aid , comfort , or assist those that DO ) that said , you have now publicly stated an act of WAR , on the US government , and it’s people , just one shot from one of you and it will be open season on all of you , ALL OF YOU ! perhaps you have no clue , of the forces that are arrayed against you , many how are combat veterans, LEO’s , and Militias, / III%rs totaling over 12 to 19 million , and ANTIFA has about 14,683 nationwide ?? YES we have detailed list of all of them ,

    • Jody L Sexton

      By Jody L Sexton


      This is spot on!!!! God bless you!!!

    • Roger Mabry

      By Roger Mabry


      Tod Bartels well spoken sir . God bless .

    • STN

      By STN


      Very well said. But we best be careful. You have to remember, when they are sitting in mommies basement the social warriors are playing combat video games. They know all about the sights & sounds of war. They regularly beat deplorables in these war games. I’ve heard them comment that deplorables are to stupid to operate guns. They are combat veterans.

  • barry sucktero

    By barry sucktero


    time these little bastards start to get euthanized…..

  • seth rich

    By seth rich


    Remind me again who pays these lowlifes and how are they so organized. The seem to have all the time in the world, no jobs to go to yet have lots of money. Follow the money and expose these freaks.

    • truth_seeker

      By truth_seeker


      It’s Hungarian “Jew”, George Soros that finances the “Anti-Fascists” or “Antifa” (really, pathetic Libtards).

  • Rick Russell

    By Rick Russell



  • Duke in NC

    By Duke in NC


    Yo, fool… need to pick a state that will let you have a gun if you’re planning a war…California is not the the place to arm yourself. Then again if you move outside of it you’re a better target for those of us who are legally ready to take your ass down…can’t wait.

  • Inger Phanortner

    By Inger Phanortner


    Yes. Antifa…the cowardly snowflake club whos name sounds like it should be slang for a vaginal fart. You want violence? Stop by and I’ll introduce introduce you to my little friends Smith and wesson and their older brother Browning

  • Greap

    By Greap


    Armed and ready to mass exterminate these terrorists antifa douchebags.

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  • Gunksteen Fazoil

    By Gunksteen Fazoil


    Just like the muslim cowards who declare “The Mother of all Battles” then crawl in a hole when the shooting starts these commies will do the same.

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  • Laurie

    By Laurie



  • Marcos

    By Marcos


    Wait … When did all these liberals start liking guns? 😀

    Why are they so good at hypocrisy?

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