Antifa extremists who called for armed violence against ICE have been arrested

According to their twitter account, on Sunday, September 23rd two members of the far-left extremist group, Serve The People – LA were arrested. This is the same group that recently doxed and threatened someone for supporting ICE, called for a “sea of armed masses” to rise up against ICE, and encouraged their social media followers to carry out “revolutionary violence against the local government”. According to a blog post they also shared detailing the arrest, they claim they were arrested for simply “standing up for street vendors”. Given their documented history of violence and confrontation I’m guessing this not an accurate representation of what actually happened.

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Antifa group organizes for “revolutionary violence against the local government”

The militant rhetoric from the far-left is escalating at a dramatic pace. Calls for violence against Trump supporters have now turned into calls for attacks on government facilities and agencies. Serve The People – LA, a violent Marxist group that has doxed and threatened people in their community for supporting Immigration and Customer Enforcement (ICE) is now using their Twitter and Facebook accounts to organize for “revolutionary violence against the local government”. Read More