Since the election of President Trump we have tracked a sharp increase in far-left militia activity. These groups have conducted numerous armed demonstrations, declared solidarity with foreign communist militia groups, and have even offered a downloadable “Guerrilla Warfare Manual” with sections on kidnapping, executions, and terrorism. Fortunately, the FBI has recently taken action against one of these groups, arresting a key organizer in December of last year.

A relatively new militia group operating out of St. Louis is the People’s Revolutionary Defense CoalitionThe PRDC is a coalition of  mostly communists and anarchists and a self described “militant leftist organization dedicated to armed self defense”. Based on their twitter activity they spend a lot of time conducting hand-to-hand and paramilitary combat training.

Their Twitter feed is relatively mild. No doxxing. No incitement. No direct threats of violence. But the rhetoric from their organizers is a completely different story. One organizer, with the Twitter handle @JackHerer20, consistently advocates for property destruction, targeted political violence, and other criminal activity.

Captain Howdy, whose bio states “We will continue to break the law and destroy property until we win. @prdcstl”, routinely advocates for putting his political opposition against “the wall” which is a reference to death by firing squad, a common practice carried about by Communist revolutionaries against their political enemies.

Here are just a handful of the people he wants to put against “the wall”.

Police Officers:

FBI agents:

ICE agents:

Sherrif Clarke:

FCC Chairman, Ajit Pait:

This one isn’t related to “the wall” but:

He also endorsed the mass killings carried out by Mao Zedong:

But hey, at least he’s not as bad as those neo-Nazis who hate Israel, right?

You get the idea. Advocating for the death of your political opposition is becoming all to common on the modern far-left. Are these tweets reprehensible? Yes. Violent? Yes. A violation of Twitter’s Terms of Service? Without question, but lucky for Captain Howdy, far-left extremists do not appear to be subject to those terms. But are they illegal? I don’t believe so. The same thing, however, can not be said about these next two tweets.

Here he instructs his followers to doxx government officials who supported the repeal of Net Neutrality. He also instructs them to “show up in black bloc” at their private residences, presumably to intimidate them or engage in other criminal activity.

And here, he says he would pay money for someone to “Romanov” President Trump, referencing the execution of the Romonav family in which Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, his wife, and their five children were shot, bayoneted and clubbed to death by marxist Bolshevik troops. Their bodies were then stripped, mutilated, burned and disposed of in a field.

Both of these tweets are clear incitement to violence. Considering that just months ago a far-left extremist opened fire on a GOP Congressional baseball practice game, I sincerely hope our reporting results in an investigation by the FBI. You can help make sure that happens by sending them a tip here. We have archived all of the tweets included in this report and strongly encourage you to use the archived versions when sharing this information with the FBI.

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